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Technical Support Assistant

Position Summary

The Technical Support Assistant will work closely with our TechLab Coordinator to support the day-to-day operations of TechLab and will assist other Student Digital Life staff on an as-needed basis. Responsibilities for this position will include but are not limited to:

  • Marketing assistance.
    • We seek to expand our reach and streamline our marketing process.
    • Help managing our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts; update our LibCal and Trumba calendaring systems; work with campus building owners and student groups to post paper flyers and digital signs; and connect with ResLife groups and campus publications to ensure regular communications to the student body.
  • Building partnerships.
    • We are always looking to collaborate with faculty, departments, and student organizations to create impactful programming. The Technical Support Assistant will help identify potential campus partners, seek collaboration opportunities, coordinate events, and assess outcomes.
  • Workshop development.
    • The Technical Support Assistant will help build a library of appropriate and engaging workshop content that can be used on a recurring basis. The assistant will design curricula that current and future student staff will be able to follow with minimal effort and iterate as needed. In addition, the Technical Support Assistant will create a rubric and evaluation system that can be implemented for all workshops to better measure effectiveness, engagement, and return rates.
  • Daily operational support
    • The Technical Support Assistant will help manage the student staff and the space itself, acting as Tier 2 support for issues that arise in the space or with its equipment, such as CNC cutting tools, 3D printers, electronics and soldering equipment, micro-controllers, and hand tools. This level of support may involve updating and/or improving documentation, teaching others how to use the equipment, enforcing policies and procedures, and maintaining a safe working environment.
Requisition/Job Number #84056