Oxford College Library: The New Edition

This inaugural exhibit in the Fran Elizer Exhibit Gallery is a retrospective on the history of the library at Oxford College, which served as the original Emory campus from 1836 to 1919.  As we celebrate the opening of the new Library and Academic Commons, it is fitting to look back on the history of the libraries on this campus.  The buildings have changed.  The collection has grown.  Yet, the best traits of the library are still the same.  Dedicated librarians and staff ensure that information is readily available and easily found.  Alumni still remember with fondness their time at Oxford and give their support to the college, making it better for those who come after them.  The library still serves as a place for the Oxford community to gather, to learn, and to connect.  

For more information, contact Kitty McNeill at kitty.mcneill@emory.edu or (770) 784-8380