Shakespeare Artists' Books

See a variety of artists' books, from miniatures to books created through the Phillips State Prison Book Project.

Jan Kellett, Shakespeare's Flowers: Quotations from his Plays with Illustrations from Old Herbals (Malvern, England: De Walden Press, 1998)

Artists’ books are artworks that purposefully make use of, question, or explore the form of the book as an artistic medium. These pieces are usually made in small, limited editions or as unique works of art.

What you will see in this exhibition are examples of a bookmaking tradition that has been active for over 500 years. Like the First Folio, these artists’ books are not just repositories of stories and information, but are also exquisite and beautiful works of art.

For more information on the tradition of book arts and other artists’ books in the collection at Emory’s Rose Library, please visit the Artists’ Books Showcase website.

Opening Event

October 20, 2016 (Thursday), 4:00 p.m. Panel Discussion with Sujata Iyengar, PhD; Sarah Higinbotham, PhD; William Taft, MFA; and Kate Doubler, PhD (Level 3 of the Robert W. Woodruff Library in the Jones Room)

Visitor Information

The exhibit is located in the Robert W. Woodruff Library on level 2.  Parking is available in the Fishburne Parking Deck (Weekdays: free after 5pm, Weekends: free).  "Visitors" hours at the Robert W. Woodruff Library are posted here.

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