Policies, Fees, and Vendors

    Security, environmental controls, and methods of storage and use are of primary importance in maintaining our materials for future generations as they can never be replaced or re-created. Since we are an archival research institution, please note that our policies may differ from those that Emory University Library or other campus policies use to protect our classroom space, exhibits, and archives.

    • Failure to comply with the Emory University policies or Federal, State, and local law will result in the cancellation of future reservations and/or restrictions from the use of Rose Library facilities. Discrimination in the use of these facilities regarding disability, race, religion, or nationality is prohibited.
    • We reserve the right to terminate the event at any time if security and/or event manager sees behavior that threatens library property.
    • Emory University is a tobacco free environment including e-cigarettes and vaping. All clients, guests, and vendors should be aware of the policy and must abide by it while on campus, including in all buildings and outside areas within the campus perimeter.
    • Clients utilizing space in the Rose Library must abide by all applicable Emory University policies.
    • Accessibility: All Clients are encouraged to review the Office of Accessibility Services website and follow the guidelines for providing accessible events.

    As part of the Office of Sustainable Initiatives Green Office Grant (2022): Ensuring Effective Events: Zero Waste at Rose Library Events, the following workflows are in place to ensure that Rose Library spaces host Zero Landfill Waste Certified events. 

    Emory is committed to hosting events responsibly to align with our goals of reducing waste, conserving water and sourcing food sustainably.  Emory’s Sustainable Events Certification helps event planners and organizers create events that support Emory’s sustainability vision by reducing environmental and social impacts. 

    The reservation process should include a notification that events and meetings held in Rose Libraries spaces are requested to be compliant with this restriction which requires the following:  

    • Elimination of all polystyrene (Styrofoam) from the waste stream, 

    • Provision of both recycling and composting bins throughout the event space, and  

    • Removal of receptacles for non-recyclable or compostable waste.  

    While actual certification of the events is not required, it is recommended.  In addition, the requesting department should work towards the Gold-Level certification when possible. 

    When catering is used, Rose Library recommends the hosting department use Emory Catering, the OSI choice vendor for event and meeting catering on campus as they comply with Sustainable Event Zero Landfill Waste certification requirements by supplying and utilizing catering materials that can all be composted or recycled in Emory’s waste streams.  Emory's list of preferred caterers is America to Go.  These caterers that comply with Emory’s zero landfill waste requirements are labeled with an icon so that event planners can make informed choices. Using America to Go caterers also ensures that Emory’s health code and fair wage requirements are met. 

    The Rose Library offers the use of water pitchers and glasses to those using the spaces.  Emory's policies explicitly state that water bottles are not purchased for on campus use, so single-use plastic bottles are not available and should not be used in the Rose Library spaces. Personal, reusable water bottles can be used and a water bottle filling stations are available in the Rose Library and around the Woodruff Library. 



    For compliance with Emory's Sustainability Goals and the Office of Sustainable Initiatives, when using the Rose Library spaces,  

    • Elimination of all polystyrene (Styrofoam) from the waste stream, 

    • Provision of both recycling and composting bins throughout the event space, and  

    • Removal of receptacles for non-recyclable or compostable waste.  

    • Meetings and events that are certified will have the table tents highlighting the work of Rose Library and the Office of Sustainable Initiatives set out. 

    • Hosts will read introduction and notices at the beginning of all meetings and events as sent with reservation confirmation.

    • Hosts who have certified events should display the Zero-Waste banner or other promotion materials provided by OSI 



    • All groups that use the Rose Library are responsible for room setup, room fees, room breakdown, and for cleanup. Please note that the Rose Library does not have staff to set up rooms, assist with technology, arrange for catering, or clean up after events that are held on the premises. All furniture and equipment must be returned to its original orientation and cleanliness before the end of the scheduled event. Please make sure you bring enough staff with you on the day of the event for the move of all the chairs, tables, etc. that you may need for your event. Alternatively, you may contact Emory Staging to setup/takedown the room at 404-727-7463.
    • Please allow adequate time for you to setup and break down the space when scheduling spaces. A good guideline is to allow for 60 minutes prior and 60 minutes after your event.
    • None of the furniture in the Rose Library may be taken out of the Rose Library for use elsewhere in Woodruff Library or on campus.
    • Reservations must be made at least 30 days in advance using our events/meetings form and are taken on a first-come, first- served basis with priority given to Rose Library and Emory University Libraries related events.
    • Events held outside of business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) must be concluded by 8:30pm and all vendors and guests must exit the space by 9:30pm. Additional charges will be incurred if an event runs beyond the time specified. A designated Rose Library staff member must be present for the duration of all events requiring the use of Rose Library materials or for after- hours events.
    • Social events including but not limited to retirement parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, weddings, and non-EU fundraising are not permitted.
    • Please check the website for exceptions to our hours of operation that may impact dates/times rooms are available. The Rose Library is closed when the University is closed.
    • During business hours, events do not have exclusive use of the lobby, restrooms, passenger elevator, or stairwells. The lobby may not be used for food/beverage stations or buffets during business hours. All other Rose Library spaces may be informally used by other building guests/visitors during the scheduled event. During after-hours events, the lobby of the Rose Library may be used for guest registration, distribution of nametags or other event materials, and the like.
    • The fire code prohibits the library from exceeding the maximum capacity of each room. The client is responsible for monitoring the number of people in the space and turning away guests once capacity has been reached or Emory University Police can shut down the event.
    • Room use is "as is," i.e., users will need to bring laptops or other equipment if it is not already supplied in the room reserved.
    • Please do not remove any equipment from the room.
    • Sound projection is not permitted in the Rose Library halls during normal hours of operation.
    • If you have not used our space before, please request a site visit to discuss all the rules and requirements for usage of the space by making an appointment. Site visits are by appointment only.
    • If your guests require reserved parking spots or parking validation tickets, please contact the Emory Parking Office at parking@emory.edu or 404-727-7275. The closest car parking deck to the Rose/Woodruff Library is the Fishburne Parking Deck adjacent to North Decatur Rd and the Goizueta Business School.
    • The Rose Library is not available to set up, install, monitor, or troubleshoot A/V presentations. If you need A/V assistance or additional equipment, such as hand-held mics and lavalier mics please contact the vendors in the approved vendor list at least 14 days in advance for an additional fee.
    • If your event guests are not affiliated with Emory University or your Emory Faculty/Staff/Student doesn't have access to the library, please note they will be required to sign in with Woodruff Library Access Services on Level 2 main entrance and provide ID before proceeding to the Rose Library on Level 10.
    • Given the limited space capacity for Rose Library event management we take into consideration whether the request conflicts with other pre-existing obligations where our staff may be otherwise engaged for other Rose Library or Emory Libraries events to reduce over-saturation of library spaces and resources.
    • Final determination in the usage of the room is made by the Rose Library.
    • The space is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email. Please allow 3-5 business days for confirmation.
    • Event spaces are available at no charge for Emory Libraries departments and for a fee for the rest of the Emory University community. The Rose Library is not available for public use.
    • By making a room reservation, a department agrees to accept financial responsibility for damages resulting from the use of the facility or equipment, and responsibility for the safety of event guests.
    • Charges for damaged/heavily soiled carpet or furniture will be billed to the reserving organization.
    • The Rose Library reserves the right to cancel any event at any time due to unforeseen university emergencies. Cancellations made by the client must be made at least 72 business hours before the event date. Events cancelled before the 72-business hour deadline will not incur any penalty fee. Events cancelled less than 72 business hours from the date/time of the event will be charged half the agreed upon total of room rental fee(s). The client booking the event is responsible for cancelling all other third-party vendors and any services being provided by on-campus providers. Rescheduling of cancelled events will be considered for future bookings in the Rose Library based on the client’s desire to do so and subject to available space.
    • Events canceled due to the University’s inclement weather policy, labor difficulties, strike, epidemic, interruption of transportation, or any other event proven beyond the control of client or Emory, will not incur a penalty. Alternatively, the Client and Emory may reschedule the event at a later date mutually agreed upon by Emory and the client at the originally agreed upon payment terms.
    • Refunds of deposits paid to caterers and other outside contractors are to be resolved between the client and the outside contractor(s).
    • All fees are charged after the event has taken place and room maintenance has been verified.
    • Spaces are rented at half day (4 hours or less) and whole day (4+ hours) increments. Weekday rentals Mon-Fri between 9am-4pm will incur the weekday rate. Early morning (before 9am Mon-Fri), evening (4-9:30pm Mon-Thu) and weekend (4-9:30pm Fri and 9am-9:30pm Sat-Sun) rentals have their own rate and require a minimum rental of 4 hours (subject to Woodruff Library hours of operation).
    • A speedtype charge is the only accepted payment method for the reservation.

    Woodruff Conference Room
    $250 weekday half-day
    $500 weekday full-day
    $600 early AM, evenings, weekends 

    Woodruff Seminar Room
    $250 weekday half-day
    $500 weekday full-day
    $600 early AM, evenings, weekends 

    • The client must meet the caterer/deliverer at the Woodruff Library loading dock and guide them to the event space. Rose Library staff are not responsible for directing caterers.
    • The Rose Library is equipped with a kitchen for after-hours use only. Kitchen includes use of sink (no garbage disposal), counter, 6 tables (4 chairs each), and refrigerator/freezer. Refrigerator may not be empty as this is also a staff kitchen.
    • Caterers must place mats or runners behind each bar, particularly on any carpet surface.
    • Glass racks, dish racks, bus tubs, food containers, Cambros and similar items may not be placed directly on carpet surfaces.
    • Caterers must provide all equipment for the event, including screens to screen off prep areas or kitchen work areas if necessary.
    • Caterers and vendors must remove all trash from the premises immediately after the event.
    • All deliveries including all rentals (glasses, dishes, tables, chairs, etc.) must be staged for delivery and pick-up at the rear entry/loading dock of the building. Items may not be delivered via the building’s front entrance.
    • Caterers and vendors must bring hand trucks, dollies, flat rolling carts or other appropriate equipment for transporting food or equipment. Rose Library does not own, arrange for or otherwise provide such equipment.
    • Rose Library does not provide free parking or parking vouchers for catering staff, vendors or event suppliers.
    • To reduce the risk of cross-contamination and illness, food service vendors must clean and sanitize work surfaces before and after use. No shellfish is allowed at any event.
    • No liquid or solid refuse of any kind is to be disposed of in Rose Library restrooms, in kitchen sinks, or on the Emory Libraries' property. Ice is not to be dumped in building landscaping.
    • All cooking for events must be completed off site. No dishes, pots, pans, trays, or utensils are available for caterers or vendors. Each vendor or caterer will need to provide all required reusable or compostable utensils or other equipment necessary for food prep and processing.
    • Early kitchen access may result in additional rental fees and must be arranged in advance.
    • Food and debris must be removed from all sinks and sinks must be drained and wiped dry.
    • All trash must be enclosed in compostable and biodegradable plastic bags and removed from the premises immediately after the conclusion of the event. Rose Library staff is not responsible for the removal of trash generated by the event.
    • A Rose Library staff member will be on site for the duration of the event and will inspect the kitchens and any other food prep or service area before catering or vendor representatives leave the building to ensure compliance with cleaning procedures.
    • A bartender is required at all events where alcohol is served.
    • Food service, including alternative beverages, is required for all events at which alcohol is served. No alcohol may be served at student organization sponsored events.
    • Event caterers and vendors must hold appropriate business and alcohol service licenses (if applicable) from the City of Atlanta/DeKalb County or from city/county from which the business operates, and all licenses must be available for inspection prior to the event.
    • Rose Library staff does not provide, order, or serve alcohol.
    • The client must arrange for alcohol delivery to Rose Library and for its removal after an event.
    • The sale of alcohol at events hosted in the Rose Library is prohibited. Cash bars are prohibited.
    • The service of alcoholic beverages in Rose Library shall be in accordance with City of Atlanta, DeKalb County, and state laws.
    • No person under 21 years of age shall be served or allowed to possess alcohol in the Rose Library. The event Client is responsible for enforcement of all alcohol-related requirements for the event.
    • Alcohol may not be visible or set up on bars in any rented space of the Rose Library before 5:00 p.m. or be openly displayed in any common area of the building during regular business hours. Tables may be placed and clothed ahead of time.
    • Events requiring signage, large displays, backdrops, or professional decorator service must be coordinated with the Rose Library at least 2 weeks before the event.
    • Helium balloons, bubble or fog machines, loose flower petals, glitter, and confetti are prohibited.
    • No items may be hung from the ceiling of any space.
    • No signage, decorations, frames, or other materials shall penetrate or be attached by fasteners of any kind to the walls, ceiling, floors, windows, doors, or any permanent fixtures of the Rose Library.
    • Open paint containers, spray paint, or other hazardous materials are not permitted in any form.
    • Vendors are responsible for the set-up and removal of all event-related décor and equipment.
    • The Rose Library is not responsible for loss or damage to any equipment left overnight in the building.
    • If flowers or plants are provided for an event, they must be completely removed immediately after the event. and should be locally sourced.
    • Candles may not be incorporated into floral centerpieces.
    • Staging installations must be approved by the Rose Library.
    • Use of pipe and drape must be reviewed and approved by the Rose Library and cannot block any doorways, emergency exits, stairwells, or building directional signage.
    • Dance floors are not permitted.
    • The Rose Library reserves the right to assess additional charges for cleaning and repair of damages caused by the client, event sponsor(s), vendors/suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, employees of any aforementioned groups, and event guests, including but not limited to carpeting, wood or painted surfaces, glass surfaces, marble surfaces, furniture, desks, tables/chairs, kitchen equipment, and A/V equipment. Equipment including A/V equipment removed or missing from the Rose Library will be charged to the client at full replacement value.
    • Emory University Libraries administrators reserve the right to close the building and cancel all activities if necessary due to emergency situations and/or inclement weather. If Emory makes the decision to close due to inclement weather, the Rose Library will also close.

    Event sponsors and their vendors must abide by the City of Atlanta, DeKalb County, and state fire code regulations, including the fire code maximums for the number of people in each room and the following specific requirements:

    • No equipment, signage, or installation shall block doors, egress routes, stairwells, or emergency exits.
    • Sterno may be used for moderate warming during events.
    • Locations for all food stations using Sterno must be approved in advance by Rose Library staff.
    • Sterno containers need to be blown out and cooled before moving.
    • Sterno containers must fit securely in Sterno holders under chafers or food service pans.
    • Candles and open flames (such as with flambé and stir frying) are prohibited from use in the building.
    • Propane and bottled gas are prohibited in the building.

    Woodruff Seminar Room

    Rose Library Woodruff Seminar Room

    10/7/22 Update-Woodruff Seminar is not available for rentals/closed for repair work for an undetermined period of time.

    Capacity Guidelines - 48 people: 

    • 2 square tables (71.5" x 71.25") and chairs around the tables for 12 people (16 people if the 2 tables are pulled apart). Tables can’t be removed from room. The tables are VERY heavy and need a minimum of 4 people to move them apart or about the room.
    • Chair seating around the perimeter of the room for 8.
    • Computer, keyboard, mouse, and 2 projection screens are available. No Zoom or phone conferencing capabilities.
    • Use of this room includes the adjoining balcony.
    • Blinds must be lowered and A/V turned off at end of event.

    Woodruff Conference Room


    Rose Library Woodruff Conference Room

    Capacity Guidelines - 48 people: 

    • 1 fixed round marble table with embedded microphones and seating for 12.
    • Chair seating around the perimeter of the room for 4.
    • Food and beverage is NOT permitted in this space.
    • Use of this room includes the adjoining balcony.
    • Computer, keyboard, mouse, and 2 projection screens are available. Audio Zoom and phone technology is available.
    • Blinds must be lowered and A/V turned off at end of event.

    Woodruff Commons

    Rose Library Woodruff Commons

    Capacity Guidelines - 20 people:

    The Woodruff Commons is the lobby between the Woodruff Seminar Room and Woodruff Conference Room and has doors to the balcony. This room is not rentable as the balcony is open to the public when meetings are in the Woodruff Seminar Room and the Woodruff Conference Room. If you want the Woodruff Commons lobby closed to the public while in use please let us know and we can place a sign at entrance to the lobby.

    *If the glass doors between the Woodruff Seminar Room and the Woodruff Conference Room are pushed back and the rooms are combined as 1 long room and therefore utilizing the Woodruff Commons lobby there is a maximum of 50 people per updated 2022 capacity guidelines. 

    Danowski Seminar Room

    ​Capacity Guidelines -30 people:

    • Use of the seminar rooms includes the immediate room and furniture only.
    • Food and beverage is NOT permitted in this space.
    • Movable tables and chairs for 15. Additional tables/chairs may be brought into the space.
    • Computer, keyboard, mouse, and 1 projection screen is available.
    • No Zoom or phone conferencing capabilities.
    • Available for meetings and photo/video shoots only.
    • Blinds must be lowered and A/V turned off at end of event.

    Additional Info:

    • There are 5 high top tables, 5 four-foot-long tables, and additional chairs in a storage closet available for your use.
    • There are no whiteboards, flip charts, or office supplies in any of the rooms. You will need to supply all the materials you may need for your event/meeting.

    For food drop-offs, the Client may use a vendor of choice from the established list of sustainable Emory America To Go food service providers found here. If utilizing the kitchen for an after-hours event, the Client must use a caterer from the approved caterers below:
    494 Plasters Ave
    Atlanta, GA 30324
    569 Asbury Cir
    Atlanta, GA 30328
    1281 Collier Rd NW
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    2191 Briarcliff Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30329
    887 W Marietta St Studio K-102
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    3267 Buford Hwy
    Atlanta, GA 30329
    1175 Chattahoochee Ave NW Bldg A
    Atlanta, GA 30318

    Rose Library staff do not set up, install, monitor, or troubleshoot A/V presentations. A/V services must be provided by one of the following vendors for an additional fee.


    1400 Vijay Dr  
    Atlanta, GA 30341

    844 Livingston Ct   
    Marietta, GA 30067