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My discoverE Account

Sign in to discoverE and your account

When you log into your discoverE account, you are able to request or recall items in discoverE, see what you have checked out, set search preferences, save your search results and set alerts for search queries.

Log in to your discoverE Account

  • Choose “Sign In” at the top right in discoverE.
  • Once signed in, choose “My Account” at the top right in discoverE. My Account enables you to:
    • View your current check-outs, requests, and fines
    • Renew books or place/cancel requests or recalls
    • Define your personal discoverE settings

Set Account Preferences

Choose the “Personal Settings” option on the left side of My Account to tailor the discoverE user interface so that it reflects the way you usually search:

  • Specify the maximum number of search results per page
  • Specify your default email address
  • Check “Sms wanted” and add your cell phone number to receive text messages from the library

Save Search Results

e-Shelf allows you to save and organize items that you find during your discoverE session. Choose the e-Shelf tab on the My Account page.

  • You must be logged in for e-Shelf items to be saved for future search sessions.
  • To save items to your e-Shelf, select the Star icon for an item in the search results.
  • You can print, email or export e-Shelf items to a bibliographic managment software such as EndNote.

Set up Alerts

  • A query is a word or phrase you search.
  • Save a query by clicking the “Save query” link, which appears below the facets on the search results page.
  • On the Queries tab in My Account, you can see:
    • This Session’s Queries (all of the searches that you have performed during the current session)
    • Saved Queries & Alerts
  • To set up a query alert, choose “Saved queries and alerts” and select “Update/Set Alert” for each query you want to have alerts for. An alert will send an email your default email address when there are new results for the query.