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Visitor Access

Emory Libraries welcome all non-Emory visitors.

Plan Your Visit

Library Hours 
Please refer to our table of Emory Libraries Hours.

There are many visitor parking locations on both the Emory University campus and Oxford College. Please visit our Maps pages and the Emory Transportation and Parking Services Visitor Parking page to learn more.

We seek to provide equal access to library services and collections for all library users. Our accessibility page offers information on assistive technologies, accessible restrooms and study spaces, service animals, and accommodations.

Find Your Way Around

The Woodruff Library Building is home to multiple libraries, service points, academic technologies, and collections. Our Library Maps and Spaces page features a cross-section image of the facility, links to the various libraries and departments, and an up-to-date call number guide.

Borrowing Privileges for Visitors 

Visitors from ARCHE schools may be eligible for library privileges at the Emory Libraries. Members of the public may purchase privileges.

See our Borrowing Privileges page for more information.

Emory Libraries Technologies

EmoryGuest Wi-Fi Network

EmoryGuest wireless access is provided for visitors of Emory University who have not been granted a Network ID and password. On your device select the EmoryGuest wireless network from the list of the available networks.

EmoryGuest users are automatically logged off after 4 hours. Also, EmoryGuest users do not have access to Emory University's electronic resources (databases, eJournals, etc.) that are restricted to Emory University faculty, staff, and students.

Access Electronic Resources

To access electronic resources, such as databases, eJournals, e-books, etc., please call or visit your library and ask staff about visitor computer access or the availability of particular items. While many e-resources are available to visitors, some are restricted. 

Visitor Computers 

At Woodruff Library: There are three computer workstations on the entrance floor of the Woodruff Library Building (Level 2) available to visitors. Please ask library staff to assist you with signing in. There is a 30-minute time limit on these computers when other visitors are waiting. Access is on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Other Emory Libraries: please contact your library's service desk for details.

Printing, Copying, and Scanning 

Visitors must purchase a guest copy card to print or make paper copies in Emory Libraries.

Cards can be purchased at the Emory Card deposit machine or at the Woodruff Library Service Desk on Level 2. Also available near the Library Service Desk is a free digital scanner that quickly produces high-quality copies you can email to yourself or save to a flash drive.

For more information on computing in Woodruff Library, please see our Learning Commons page.

Other Libraries

Please contact your library for more information on computer services and resources.

Contact Us

You can speak to a staff member at the Library Service Desk on Level 2 of the Woodruff Library Building, or contact us by call, email, or text:

Call: 404-727-6873
Text: 404-994-3366