AtoZ Databases: Target Company Lists

Thanks to the contribution of class gifts, the Goizueta Business Library is able to provide all Goizueta Business School alumni free remote access to AtoZ Databases.

Passwords for AtoZ Databases: Target Company Lists are available in the Goizueta Job Board and Resume Database (GO) and by request using this form.

Looking for the login link?  From scroll to very bottom of page and choose "Admin Sign In" following these screenshots.

What's in AtoZ Databases? 

This database of 30M businesses and executives allows you build target lists of companies based on similar criteria, including location, size, headquarters/branch, revenue, industry, non-profit status, manufacturing indicators and more. You may also download these lists to excel. 

Other data sets in AtoZdatabases include: Premier Residential Database: 220 million US residents, over 19 million new movers and over 3 million new homeowners, updated weekly. Search by 135 Interest/ Hobbies/Lifestyles, geography, household income and more.

 Search Tips

Need Help? 

Check out these short (average 2 minutes) Intro Videos for tips on searching AtoZdatabases' many data sets.

Access to the alumni databases, including the sharing of user names and passwords, is limited to Goizueta Business School alumni only, for personal enrichment and career research. Violation of this policy may result in loss of alumni privileges.Users are individually responsible for compliance with these terms.