For details relating to Emory Libraries and collection access, please view our Summer 2021 Services and Spaces chart.

Please note the Woodruff Library’s Matheson Reading Room will be closed on Thursday, August 5th from 7:30 am until 2 pm.

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Floor Plans

Individual floor plans for the Woodruff Library Building. Find your library book, service desk, assigned carrel, or study space.

Lobby Wing

Level 1

Level 1 (spans Lobby Wing to Stacks Tower)

Level 2

Level 2 (entrance level, spans Lobby Wing to Stacks Tower)

Level 3

Level 3 (spans Lobby Wing to Stacks Tower)

Level 4

Level 4 (Lobby Wing)

Stacks Tower

Level 4

Level 4 (Stacks Tower)

Level 5

Level 5 (Stacks Tower)

Level 6

Level 6 (Stacks Tower)

Level 7

Level 7 (Stacks Tower)

Level 8

Level 8 (Stacks Tower)

Level 9

Level 9 (Stacks Tower) - staff only

Level 10 (Rose Library)

Level 10 (Stacks Tower) - Rose Library

Directional Help

If you need directional help, contact the Access and Operations desk at 404-727-2960.