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Building Layout and Call Number Guide

Find out where everything is located within the Woodruff Library Building, including libraries, departments, call numbers, and study spaces.

Lobby and Stacks Tower Level Map

Cross Section of the Woodruff Library Building, including the front wing and Stacks Tower

Lobby Wing

Level 1

Level 2
Level 3
Level 3 BR (Bridge)
  • Study spaces
  • Bridge to the Candler building and Matheson Reading Room
  • Lobby Wing elevators and stairs
Level 4

Stacks Tower

Levels 4-8

Levels 9-10

Individual Floor Maps

Check out our Floor Maps page to see the layout of each individual level in the Lobby Wing and Stacks Tower. These are the same maps featured in our interactive digital signs at the front entrance and elevator lobbies.

Call Number Guide

Stacks Tower Level

10       Rose Library
9         Closed 
8         A - DC
7         DD - HD2499
6         HD2500 - JK & N-NX
5         JL - LT, P - PR999
4         PR1000 - Z

Lobby Wing Level (Music and Media Library)

4         M - MZ 

Science Commons


Health Sciences Library



Directional Help

If you need directional help, contact the Access and Operations desk at 404-727-2960.