Link to Full text of Article

PubMed – In the search box, type a few key words from title and author's last; or type author's last name, year of publication, first page number. Then scroll through the list of results, click on abstract of the correct citation.  Use the Find It @ Emory button in the PubMed record to find the full-text. NOTE:  If the link indicates "full text available," you may still receive an "Access Denied" message; this indicates that the publication has not been licensed for Emory Healthcare.  Return to the article abstract and view "similar articles" to the right of the abstract. You may also want to request a copy of the article; go to Ask a Librarian to request an article. 
eJournals – Type journal name in search box; if found, open the link and find the year/volume you need. Note:  If you receive an "Access Denied" message, then that journal may not be licensed for Emory Healthcare.  

For more information, view a 2-minute video on this topic. 

If you need additional assistance, send the reference to  Ask a Librarian.