Find Articles on a Topic

For an inclusive search, use PubMed.

  • For best results, try to identify search terms for major concepts of your research question, such as terms to describe the patient or problem, the intervention, and the outcome.
  • When the search results appear, quickly scan titles. Read abstracts of most relevant citations. Link to other articles using “similar articles” link to the right of the PubMed abstract.
  • If search results do not provide the expected information, search again using other terms.  Please ask for help if you want assistance with your search. Complete the form at Ask a Librarian, summarizing your question and what terms you have used in your search.
  • View a brief video on how to do a simple subject search in PubMed.

Request a literature search. We will send you a search strategy to use in your research. Please indicate if the search is for patient care, an assignment, a research project, etc.