DNAStar Lasergene

DNAStar Lasergene

About Lasergene 

DNASTAR Lasergene is licensed by the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library and is now offered at no cost to the Emory Research Community.  The Lasergene Core Suite includes full access to SeqBuilder, SeqMan Pro, MegAlign, MegaAlign Pro, GeneQuest, Protean Protean 3D, SeqNinja, Genvision, Primer Select and EditSeq.  Additionally, Seqman Ngen, Arraystar and Qseq are licensed for use by Emory researchers.

Technical Requirements 

Registering and Downloading Lasergene 

  • Download the appropriate version of Lasegene from Emory Software Express
  • Follow the install prompts. Choose “silent install’ to keep prompts to a minimum.   When DNASTAR Lasergene Authorization prompt pops up, choose the applications you wish to authorize and click next.  When prompted, select “Network” for License Type and use the provided server address to authenticate the download.
  • For questions, submit a request to Ask A Librarian or contact Jeremy Kupsco: jkupsco@emory.edu 

Off Campus Access 

Users can access Lasergene off campus by logging in to the VPN at vpn.emory.edu.