Computing, Printing, Photocopying, and Study Spaces


      The WHSC Library has several banks of PCs and Macs available to all Emory faculty, staff, and students on both the library entrance level and the upper level, Level 1. Emory University NetIDs and passwords are required for use.

      Laptop Checkout

      MACs and PCs laptops are available in the Health Sciences Center Library for in-house use by current students, staff, faculty.  Printing is also available from the laptops. The checkout period is two hours.  Emory ID is required. Only currently enrolled students may borrow laptops. Laptops may be used with the ethernet connections or wireless available throughout the library. Laptops may not be taken out of the library for any reason, at any time.  There is a $20 per hour late fee to ensure timely return of the computer and accessories.  All computers must be returned one hour before closing.

      Wireless Access

      Wireless internet connection is available in the Health Sciences Center Library.  Instructions for accessing Emory's wireless networks are available at EmoryUnplugged.


          Computers in the Library print to the EaglePrint stations.   Black and white printers are located on both levels near the computers, and a color printer is located on the Plaza Level in the copy area. Print jobs may be released at any EaglePrint station on campus. To pay for prints, current faculty, staff, or students can use their EmoryCard; alumni, affiliates or visitors must use an Emory guest copy card which may be purchased at the Library Information Desk. When sending a job, you must identify the job with your Emory NetID and then assign a name to the document to be printed; those who use a guest copy card will identify with the number printed on the front of the card.  At the print station, swipe your Emory card to view your available print jobs.

          Additional information about printing is available at Emory's EaglePrint website.

          EaglePrint installers for use with personal computers can be found at Emory's SoftwareExpress website.

          Rates for Emory Card printing:

          • $.07/black & white singled-sided
          • $.10/black & white double-sided
          • $.30/color single-sided
          • $.50/color double-sided

          To add value to an EmoryCard, visit EmoryCard Services.

          Self-Service Photocopy

          Visitors can purchase pre-paid copy cards at the Information Desk. To add value to an EmoryCard, please visit

          Costs for copies:

          • Black&White $.10 cents double-sided 
          • Color 50 cents per single-sided sheet

          Photocopiers are always available when the library is open. Photocopy machines are located on the Plaza Level, in the copy area near the back of the Library.

          Warning Concerning Copyright Restrictions. The Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using the equipment is liable for any Copyright infringement.


          A multifunctional color printer/copier/scanner is available on the Plaza Level (library entrance level), and an easy to use, KIC self-serve scanning kiosk is available upstairs near the elevator. Scanning is free and patrons can scan and edit in B&W, grayscale, and in color. Files can also be saved to a USB thumb drive or emailed as an attachment.

              WHSC Library

              The Health Sciences Center Library's Study Room (Course Viewing Room) policies include the following:

              • All study rooms must be booked using the library’s online reservation system.
              • Study room checkout is limited to current Emory students, staff and faculty who have been cleared to return to campus.
              • Priority is given to graduate level students.
              • Study rooms are loaned for up to three two-hour periods.
              • All library policies regarding health and safety, phone conversations, noise level, food, etc. apply to the study rooms.
              • There are currently 9 rooms available for reservation (SR 3, SR 4, SR 5, SR A, SR B, SR C, SR D, SR E, SR F).
              • Rooms are available for different sizes.

              WHSC Branch Libraries

              These spaces include computer workstations, tables, comfortable seating and wireless access.

              Emory University Hospital Branch 

              Room H-140

              24/7 access by activated Emory Hospital ID is available to Emory faculty, residents, and third and fourth year medical students.  The space is also available to other hospital staff 9am-5pm with their hospital badges.

              Grady Branch Library

              1st floor, Glenn Building Open Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm. Show school or hospital ID or sign in as visitor for entry.

              Emory University Hospital Midtown 

              Davis-Fischer Building, Room 1308. 24/7 card access.