Mendeley is a an open source (free) web based citation manager/organizer that allows users to:

    • create citation libraries 
    • attach various document types to their references 
    • annotate their attached pdfs
    • create bibliographies
    • share information with others

    Users receive 2GB of free storage and can either just use the Mendeley client or both the web based program and client. To see a description of Mendeley's features in-depth, visit:

    There is no official technical support available on the Emory University campus but users can visit for assistance.

    Users can either use the web based program by creating an account or sign up and download the program.  The installed program can be sync'ed with your Mendeley web account.

    Users can also install Mendeley on their iPhones and iPads.  If you already have an account, download the app and sign in with your already existing account.  If you do not have an account, you can register for a free account.

    A number of tutorials are available here on how to use Mendeley.