Zotero is a an open source (free) web based citation manager/organizer that allows users to:

    • create citation libraries 
    • attach various document types to their references 
    • tag references for easier organization
    • use with Google products like Google Docs, Google Scholar, and Google Books
    • create bibliographies with Word or OpenOffice
    • share information with others

    Originally a Firefox plugin, it now supports Mac, Windows, and Linux Operating Systems. It is available as a web based plugin for Firefox, Chrome, or Safari that saves citations to a standalone client downloaded to your computer.  The web based account allots users 300 MB of space for free and users can opt to purchase more space. In addition, Zotero also has Groups accounts that allows users to "share and collaborate" with other users.  There is some support on the Emory campus for Zotero.  If you have any questions, please contact Ask a Librarian.

    The Desktop Standalone can be installed directly on a user's desktop.  The Standalone does not require that users use the online account but the browser plugin needs to be downloaded and installed.  Users can sync their desktop program with their web based account. Visit http://www.zotero.org/download/ for downloading and other instructions.

    Cloud Account
    Register for a free acount. An account enables a user to sync a library, collaborate with groups and enables you to post a message in the user support forums.

    There is no official app for Zotero, but users can access their libraries via their mobile phones or tablet devices by visiting zotero.org. On the Zotero mobile site there are several, what Zotero calls, "third party solutions." 

    A number of tutorials are available here on how to use Zotero.