Digital Archives Access

In addition to the resources available to in-person visitors at the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, many of our rich resources are digital and can be accessed online. We add new content to our online resources regularly, so check back often to see what’s new. If you’re interested in specific topics and aren’t sure where to look, contact the Rose Library’s reference staff for help finding resources you can access online.  

Some of our finding aids (guides to specific Rose Library collections) include links to online resources. Not all digital content is linked from a finding aid, though, so check the information below as well.  

Remember that what you see online might only be a small part of what we have about a certain topic. Contact us if you want to learn about what else we might have, especially digital items that are only available in our reading room or portions of collections that have not been digitized.  

Photographs, maps, manuscripts, books, periodicals

In Emory Digital Collections, you can find digitized copies of historical photos and maps, letters and diaries, Emory University yearbooks, literary manuscripts, Victorian novels, and more. In our Luna Digital Gallery, you can view more digitized rare books, newspapers, periodicals, and maps.  

Some items in Emory Digital Collections and Luna are only visible to logged-in users. Emory users can sign in with their Emory ID and password to browse these items. If you’re not an Emory student or employee, contact us to get a temporary username and password. 

You can find more specialized sets of Rose Library resources on the following websites (these sites are not operated by Rose Library, so we might not be able to help if you experience technical difficulties): 

Born-digital records

Select born-digital material (electronic records or computer files) from our collections is available for remote research on request. Born-digital files that cannot be shared online are available on iPads and laptops in our reading room. 

If you find digital material mentioned in a finding aid and want to learn more or view the files online, contact the Head of Digital Archives. If the digital content you request is unprocessed, it may take several weeks for us to make it available for use. The turnaround time varies based on original file and media formats. Collection restrictions, copyright limitations, or technology complications may limit our ability to provide access. 

Audio and video

On our Aviary streaming platform, you can find oral histories, historical interviews, Emory University events, and other sound and video recordings. 

In addition to the recordings in Aviary, we have many more available for remote research on request. If you find audio or video resources listed in a finding aid and would like to access them without coming to the library in person, contact us. If possible, we will arrange remote access through our other audiovisual access system, The Keep. If the recordings you would like to watch or listen to have not been digitized, it may take several weeks to get them ready.