Educational Analyst II - Canvas Instructional Support

Position Summary

Coordinates school-wide efforts that support the teaching and learning mission of the University. Supports departmental efforts that benefit the teaching and learning mission of the University. Acts as Incident Coordinator back-up to oversee team workflow and to ensure service level agreement expectations are met. Utilizes incident and service request software to manage and track support calls and tickets; interacts with customers to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. Communicates and collaborates with the Service Desk to streamline troubleshooting issues, and provides assistance in improving processes for effective and efficient response. Analyzes customers' messages to determine best courses of action, resolve issues and answers efficiently, and improve processes for meeting future requests. Analyzes and tests upgrades to identify major and minor issues and upgrade inconsistencies. Analyzes and tests QA environments and system patches to make preparations for deployment to production, ensuring that use cases are created and business improvement objectives are met. Prepares and schedules training courses and workshops to provide users with numerous tools and functions. Delivers courses and workshops on educational topics and application features, providing expertise for tools based on users' needs. Drives the use of video and audio capture solutions to provide users with access to remote and archived training materials. Develops step-by-step documents, videos and web-based guides to support the user community and promote self- service. Consults with departments and professional schools to broadly apply best practices for instructional technologies and overall pedagogical quality. Consults with faculty on assessment techniques to report on learning outcomes. Reviews effectiveness of training programs and may implement improvements. Performs related responsibilities as required.

Requisition/Job Posting # 88542