To the Great Variety of Readers

Publishing Shakespeare
August 29, 2016 - October 28, 2016
| Robert W. Woodruff Library
- Level 10
- Rose Library

"An exhibition featuring the Second, Third and Fourth Folios of Shakespeare's works."

In 1623, 36 of William Shakespeare's plays were published in a single, large volume, or folio. This work, now known as the First Folio, has come to signify Shakespeare's unparalleled impact on English language, literature, and culture.

However, the book itself gives little insight into how and why it was produced. Through an exploration of the industry and market that created the First Folio, as well as its natural successors, the Second, Third, and Fourth Folios, this exhibit places the work in context and enriches our understanding of Shakespeare as both author and symbol.

Robert W. Woodruff Library
Level 10
Rose Library
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This rare opportunity to view all but the earliest version of the Folio is made possible by the loan of the Second and Third Folios from Rose Library benefactor Stuart A. Rose.