For details relating to Emory Libraries and collection access, please view our Summer 2021 Services and Spaces chart.

Please note the Woodruff Library’s Matheson Reading Room will be closed on Thursday, August 5th from 7:30 am until 2 pm.

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Woodruff Library Borrowing

Learn about the Robert W. Woodruff Library's borrowing privileges and policies.

Borrowing in 2020-2021

The Woodruff Library stacks tower is open for browsing. Self-service checkout of materials is available on Level 2. 

Library To Go services are available for current Emory students, faculty, and staff. Alumni, ARCHE/GETS, and purchased account holders are encouraged to utilize self-service checkout on Level 2.

The Music and Media Library location continues to be closed for the summer semester, but equipment and media are available by request.

Course Reserves are online for the summer semester and will transition back to both online and physical reserves for fall.

What can you borrow?

  • Books
  • Journals
  • McNaughton books (popular reading)
  • Materials at other libraries and locations
  • Other materials (umbrellas, dry erase markers)

For Summer 2021:

  • Music and Media Library equipment (laptops, cameras, etc)
  • Music and Media Library books, scores, and media

Who can borrow?

  • Emory patrons: faculty, undergraduates, graduates, staff
  • Family of Emory faculty, staff, students
  • Emory alumni
  • Emory Retirees: based upon status prior to retirement
  • Purchased account
  • Visitors (library use only)

Purchasing an account

Borrowing privileges may be purchased at $75 for six months or $100 for one year. Privileges are not transferrable.

  • Checkout period: 28 days
  • Borrow limit: 50
  • Libraries: Woodruff Library, Pitts Theology Library, Music and Media Library (books and scores only). Does not include the Science Commons.
  • Current photo ID is required.

The above loan periods are for most library materials. Some items (bound journals, reserve items, or new books) may have shortened loan periods.

Proxy privileges

A proxy acts on another person's behalf regarding library materials. Only Emory faculty, teaching graduate students, and persons with disabilities are eligible to register proxies.

Proxies cannot access your Emory personal ID, password, or contact information. Proxy privileges end August 31 of each year.

To submit a proxy request, please complete the online Proxy Request Form. Please have ready the name and employee ID number of the faculty who needs a proxy and the name and student ID number of the student who will be the proxy. If you have any questions, contact the Woodruff Library Service Desk.

To setup up a proxy Interlibrary Loan account, please contact the ILL department.

How long can items be borrowed?


  • Undergraduate: 28 days
  • Graduate: 120 days
  • Faculty: 365 days
  • Staff: 120 days
  • Family of Faculty, Staff, Students: 200 items for 28 days
  • ARCHE / GETS: 25 items for 28 days
  • Alumni: 200 items for 28 days
  • Emory Retirees: based upon status prior to retirement
  • Purchased account: 50 items for 28 days

Journals (bound volumes)

  • Undergraduate: 28 days
  • Graduate: 28 days
  • Faculty: 28 days
  • Staff: 28 days

McNaughton books (popular reading)

  • Undergraduate: 14 days
  • Graduate: 14 days
  • Faculty: 14 days
  • Staff: 14 days
  • Alumni: 14 days
  • Purchased account: 14 days

Other materials

  • Dry erase markers: 1 day
  • Umbrellas: 7 days

Materials at other libraries and locations

Visit the Request or Recall Materials page for details about borrowing from other libraries or locations.

Music and Media Library Items

Please view the Music and Media Library Borrowing page for more details.