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Course Reserves for Instructors

Access Course Reserves through Canvas; add and request materials through both Course Reserves and discoverE; create Shared Lists that can be easily added to multiple courses.

Accessing Course Reserves through Canvas

  • Log on to Canvas
  • Open your course.
  • Click Library Course Reserves to see your materials.
  • If that link isn’t visible, click Settings > Navigation tab and then drag Library Course Reserves into course navigation pane and click Save.
  • If the course is not in Course Reserves, you will be prompted to create the course. Before doing this, contact the Course Reserves team to troubleshoot the issue at reserves@emory.edu or 404-727-2230.


Merging Courses in Canvas

Streamline your work in Course Reserves by merging your cross-listed courses and sections in Canvas. Once merged, you only need to manage reserves materials in the "primary" course.

Visit the Canvas support site Enrollments page for more details.


Adding and Reactivating Reserves Materials

  • Log on to either Canvas or Course Reserves.
  • In Canvas, open your course and click Library Course Reserves. Click Add/Reactivate Reserves.
  • In Course Reserves, click View Course next to class and then Add/Reactivate Reserves.
  • Choose to add physical or electronic items, reactivate from previous courses, or apply a shared list.
  • For physical or electronic items, fill out the form and click Submit.
  • To reactivate materials, click Course Home next to the course. Select Items and click Import Items.
  • To apply a shared list, click Show Details to see list materials. Click Import and then Apply Shared List on confirmation page.


Placing Reserves Requests through discoverE

For books:

  • Sign in to your account in discoverE.
  • Search for your item and open the desired item record.
  • Click the Place on Reserves tab.
  • Notice that the item fields have been prepopulated. Fill out the required fields. 
  • Select course(s) and click Submit Item.
  • For uploads, choose item on next upload page and click Upload Item.

    Note: for e-books, copy either discoverE or e-book permalink and paste into a Course Reserves request form.

For articles:

  • Search for article using the Combined Search tab and open item record.
  • Click the Place on Reserves tab.
  • Fill out form.
  • Select course(s) and click Submit Item.
  • For uploads, choose Item on next upload page and click Upload Item.

Shared Lists

Create a list of materials that can be repeatedly used in cross-listed courses, multiple sections of one course, or multiple courses within a department.

Create a Shared List

  • Open your course.
  • Click Create a New Shared List.
  • Add instructor name, type in list name, and click Create List.

View Shared Lists

  • Open your course.
  • Click View Shared Lists.
  • Click Show Details next to list to view contents.

List Tools

  • To view Shared Lists, click Show Details next to chosen list. 
  • Click Add Shared List Reserves Items to add physical, electronic, or reactivate reserves.
  • To edit the list, click Edit Shared List > edit instructor and/or name > click Modify List.
  • To delete the list, click Delete List, and you will see a confirmation window pop up. Click OK or Cancel.

Edit, View, and Delete Shared List Items

  • Click Edit Shared List Item > modify item record fields > click Submit Item.
  • Click Show Details to open item record > click Edit Item or Delete Item from List.

Add Shared Lists to Courses

  • Open your course.
  • Click Add/Reactivate Reserves > Instructor Shared Lists > next to chosen list click Import.