See our Spring 2021 catalog for available online and on-site services.

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Instructional Services for Faculty and TAs

We offer a variety of instructional services to support teaching and learning across Emory.

Visit our Information Literacy Instruction Program page to learn more about our program goals and outcomes. 

If you have a question or an idea for how we can work together, please get in touch.

For updates on our 2020 instructional services and offerings, please visit our Library Resources and Support for Flexible Teaching guide.

Instruction Sessions

We can work with you to tailor an instruction session, or multiple sessions, for your class. Our instruction sessions address student research needs in a given class as well as our program learning outcomes and goals.

In 2020, we are offering both synchronous and asynchronous online library instruction sessions. Get in touch with your subject librarian to plan your online session, and visit our online instruction guide to see more about how we can support your online class.

We recommend you consider the following for your instruction session.

  • Request the session at least two weeks in advance to give us time to prepare
  • Schedule the session about 2 to 3 weeks before your research assignment is due
  • Ensure that students are familiar with their research assignment before the session
  • Attend the session with your students in order to provide important disciplinary context and to support their learning

To request an instruction session, use our instruction session request form or contact your subject librarian directly.

Research Guides and Canvas

We can design a course guide or a topical research guide to support your students and to provide them with a useful entry-point to the research process. Course guides or research guides can pair with an instruction session or serve as a stand-alone resource.

We can also embed a library research guide into your Canvas course site. Please get in touch with your subject librarian to learn more about ways we can support your class in Canvas.

See our list of current research guides, which includes course guides across the disciplines, or get in touch with your subject librarian to request a guide.

Research Assignment Design

We can work with you to design a research assignment for your class, whether it is brainstorming ideas, discussing methods that have worked well in previous classes, or ensuring that your students have the materials and support they need. Our librarians have both disciplinary knowledge and expertise as well as expertise in information literacyand other literacies that arise from new technologies.

We provide some tips and ideas for creating a research assignment, and you can contact your subject librarian to schedule a time to discuss your research assignment.

To see ideas for research assignments and activites in online classes, visit our online instruction guide.

Research Consultations

Our librarians have extensive disciplinary knowledge and expertise, as well as expertise in information literacy and other literacies that arise from new technologies. We can help you and your students with a range of research assignments, from research papers to digital projects. Get in touch with your subject librarian to schedule a consultation.

As of 2020, we are offering research consultations online for faculty and students.


We offer workshops on a variety of topics to help students and members of the Emory community build information literacy and research skills. You can see our current and upcoming workshops on our calendar.

As of 2020, we are offering a wide range of workshops online.