Workshops and Classes

At the Emory Libraries, we offer a wide range of workshops where you can develop valuable research and digital literacy skills to help you succeed during your time at Emory and in your future endeavors. Workshops are available online and in-person.

Table of Contents

Woodruff Library 

Check out the Woodruff Library workshop schedule and see what other workshops are happening across campus:  

Past Workshops 

  • Avoiding plagiarism 
    Learn about what plagiarism is and how to avoid it with a variety of tips, tricks, and best practices that can help you become an organized researcher. 
  • Advanced search skills  
    Learn different tips, tricks, and strategies to help you become a highly effective researcher. 
  • Fact checking and evaluation skills  
    Being able to identify and distinguish between credible and non-credible information is an increasingly vital skill. At this workshop we will explore different techniques and strategies you can use to become a skilled and savvy fact-checker. 
  • Digital communication skills  
    Learn about ways to develop and hone your communication skills across multiple platforms and with multiple tools, from writing professional emails to writing for the web.
  • Managing your online identity  
    Learn about strategies, tools, and techniques that you can use to develop a professional online identity, from crafting an online portfolio to making sure that your information is secure.

Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library 

Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library Informationists offer classes and workshops to Emory faculty, staff, and students throughout the year.