Emory Theses and Dissertations

Access the Emory Theses and Dissertations repository 

Information for students submitting a thesis, dissertation or honors paper to the repository.

  • ETD Submission Instructions:  Detailed instructions on the process when you are ready to submit.

  • ETD Submission Instructional Videos:  Step by step demonstrations

  • ETDs and Copyright and Patents:  Basic information on copyright for your work and use of others’ work, and links to more detailed information and tools.

  • ETD Frequently Asked Questions:  A good starting place for understanding the process and information about many aspects of Emory Theses and Dissertations.

  • ETD Policies and Procedures:  General inquiries, overview of access, intellectual property, patentable material, paper copies, and relationship to ProQuest.  

  • ETD Access Restrictions:  The process for requesting an access embargo for a specified time period on a thesis or dissertation.

  • ETD Help Form:  Several avenues for help and a form for requesting help with the ETD submission software.

  • ETD Contact Us:  List of contacts in the Scholarly Communications Office and Emory schools overseeing the submission process, including school websites related to ETD.