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The Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) repository is managed by the Scholarly Communications Office at Emory Libraries, in partnership with Laney Graduate School, Rollins School of Public Health, Candler School of Theology, and Emory College.  It provides online access to the university’s masters theses, doctoral dissertations, and College Honors theses, increasing the visibility of our scholars and fulfilling the university’s mission to contribute to academic scholarship.

Contact Information

For problems with the electronic submission process and the ETD website, please contact library staff using the ETD Help Form.

For copyright questions, please contact the Libraries' Scholarly Communications Office at

For questions about graduation requirements and submitting your thesis or dissertation, including formatting and paperwork requirements, or extensions of your embargo for previously submitted ETDS, please contact your school's administrator or ADAP.

For Laney Graduate School students wanting to request an embargo extension:  Please do not contact the LGS approver directly; instead, complete the LGS Embargo Extension Request form. Once you submit your request, the LGS approver will process it, and you will be notified of their decision.

The school administrators are:

Recommended Websites

For more information about ETDs and graduation requirements, check out the websites below: 

For more information about the Scholarly Communications Office at Emory Libraries, please visit our website