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Collections Policies

The Woodruff Library has a two tiered policy for the development and management of our library collections.

There is a general policy "Woodruff Library Collection Management Policy" that has as its aim providing library staff with practical and basic guidelines for building collections. The policy is an outline of the library's general collecting principles and processes; intended as a starting point for subject librarians who address the collection needs of specific academic disciplines.

It has grown over the years to include several additional related policies, including criteria and parameters for the acquisition of research data, e-books, open access resourcesonsite and offsite materials policy, text and data mining and gifts.

These policies are included as appendices to the umbrella policy. Of particular interest is the Digital Collections Policy Suite, which outlines Emory's approaches to digital collection building, preservation, and dissemination. 

The second tier consists of a series of 25 departmental, or subject, policies; which outline our efforts in building collections to support more than 30 academic programs.

Note that these collection policies have been thoroughly updated for 2018. To contact a specific subject librarian, please visit the directory.